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Where would we be without our administrative staff? They’re the ones, after all, who make sure our website is up, our supplies are ordered, and our clients are happy. Teamwork is a core value at Olive & Olive. That’s why we’re so proud to introduce you to our stellar support staff.

Kris Hammond

Kris Hammond joined our firm in 2016 with a strong background in business administration, human resources, and accounting.  She now acts as our accounting manager having taken over from Karen McLaughlin at the end of 2023.

Kris initially provided key support to Managing Partner Susan Olive as her primary assistant. In 2018 she assumed accounts payable, accounts receivable and billing responsibilities for the firm. Her versatility pays off in all areas of our practice – from bookkeeping to case management to staff training. She is also a Notary Public for North Carolina.

Before joining our team, Kris worked at law firms in Michigan and North Carolina. She has also worked in contract administration for large construction projects in the Raleigh/Durham area and handled corporate accounting, payroll and human resources for a local real estate investment firm.

Off hours

Kris enjoys spending time with her husband, their family, and pets. Her hobbies include reading, indoor gardening, and boating.