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Our focus is laser-sharp: intellectual property law.
For over sixty years.
Experience • Expertise • Excellence

Olive & Olive means business. Our legal team combines IP expertise with extensive backgrounds in science, industry, and technology—and in the arts.

That makes us uniquely positioned to protect inventions and ideas of all kinds, including conventional and highly advanced technologies, together with creative works.

Experienced protection / contemporary solutions

We protect inventions and bottom-line business ideas and methods. , often using patents and trade secrets, but also where appropriate drawing on copyrights and trademarks.  Intellectual property agreements also play an important role.

We protect business and product names and logos, both formally through the acquisition of trademark and domain name registrations, as well as copyrights for the graphic art, and via common law solutions and labeling. Again, contracts are often used to reinforce the protection and to confirm ownership and rights to use.

We protect the creative content of computer programs, websites, books, artworks, music, and more through copyright and intellectual property agreements, and through counseling on how to maximize common law rights.

We do all of this for clients around the United States, and abroad.

We don’t just obtain protection – we guard, enforce, and defend

When you’ve got a problem, the lawyers at Olive & Olive don’t leave you hanging out to dry.  We fiercely enforce our clients’ rights…amicably when possible, and in court when alternatives aren’t feasible.

Whether an intellectual property contract has been violated, someone has infringed a patent, trademark or copyright, or some other problem has arisen, our lawyers are available to give wise counsel, grounded in experience, expertise, and common sense—and then to act on that advice.

Read more about the different forms of protection, our contracts work, and our approach to disputes by clicking on the links from this page.