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Technological innovation is one of the principal determinants of business success. Your enterprise will reap greater benefits from innovation when you consider the full range of intellectual property (IP) issues in new product development.

Knowing how to use your IP effectively will enhance your competitive advantage and facilitate the process of bringing your innovation to the marketplace – while reducing your risks at the same time.

We make sure your innovation is protected.

When you create or develop something, you can obtain exclusive IP rights to protect it. For manufacturing businesses, this can include devices, technologies, processes, products or product features.

Innovative product development enables companies to gain an edge and become market leaders. It places their products out in front, ahead of others in the category. Success in product development requires a substantial investment in design and experimentation. To realize a return on that investment and achieve great outcomes, you need expert legal advice and sound business strategies.

Distributors have their own challenges – namely, carving a successful market niche that’s protected from competitors. Whether they do that through catalog sales, brochures, online sales, advertising and contests, there are ways to protect themselves and ensure they don’t inadvertently cross a line and infringe the trademarks or copyrights of others.

Why Olive & Olive?

Our intellectual property attorneys have practical, real-world experience in the development and marketing of technology and consumer products. We combine this experience with legal expertise, wisdom and common sense gleaned from more than half a century of working with clients like you.

If your innovation is making money, somebody will want to get in on the action.

That’s why savvy clients bring our legal team aboard as early as possible in the development process. We can provide input on legal issues up front that will result in better protection and better distribution opportunities down the road.

Here’s a sample of how our attorneys can help you:

  • Patent searches are essential to ensure your potential product doesn’t infringe patent rights that others already own. A search also will disclose whether your idea qualifies for patent protection. A global patent search by our highly experienced patent attorneys will provide the guidance you need—whether it’s how to get a patent, or how to work around existing patents.
  • When it’s time to go to market, we provide trademark advice that enhances the value of your marks and creates branding strategies—strategies that will differentiate and distinguish your products in the marketplace.
  • We obtain trademark registrations.  If your marks are infringed or endangered, we vigorously protect them.
  • As your website is being prepared for launch, we provide advice on the legal issues involved, from domain name acquisition to website content and ownership.
  • We prepare terms of use and privacy policy documents.
  • We prepare confidentiality policies and nondisclosure agreements.
  • We provide advice on content protection and copyright registration.

These are some of the ways we support and protect product developers. Explore our website to learn more about us, then give us a call.

If you’re in the process of turning an idea or concept into a new product, or if you’re developing a new distribution chain, you’re vulnerable to copycats and imitators. You’re also at risk of infringing—even inadvertently—the intellectual property rights of others.  Olive & Olive will stand guard for you so that your valuable, innovative ideas stay exactly where they belong—safe with you—and so your business can keep running without fear of cease-and-desist letters or lawsuits.