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The Internet touches almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. To stay safe and successful, you need a strong ally at the intersection of technology and the law.

Olive & Olive is the smart choice.

We were blazing trails in intellectual property law years before the Internet even existed. We’ve seen all the changes that have occurred since 1957 when we first opened doors. We’ve been in the thick of the action the whole time.

We have decades of experience protecting Internet domain rights and securing online privacy. We manage thousands of domain names. Many large and small websites operate under terms of use and privacy policies we drafted.

We help our clients use cyberspace to achieve their dreams. We counsel them on:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Information privacy
  • Keeping data safe
  • Protecting online businesses
  • Buying, negotiating and managing domain names
  • Protecting domain rights
  • Maximizing IP portfolios
  • Protecting trademarks
  • Minimizing the risk of infringement
  • Preparing website terms of use
  • Drafting privacy policies
  • Issues involving websites, the Internet and online activity 

We excel at domain portfolio acquisition and management.

In our domains practice, we give our clients individualized domain assistance expertly tailored to their specific needs. We cover all bases. From a simple question about registering a domain to a complex query about ICANN’s new gTLD Program.

Whether your portfolio contains thousands of domains or only a handful, Olive & Olive offers professional management and expert advice:

  • We stay on top of ICANN updates and programs.
  • We work with International Domain Names, Sunrise domain purchases, auctions, negotiations, and enforcement.
  • We specialize in domain purchases, renewals, DNS maintenance and monitoring of third-party-owned domains.
  • We work with different registrars and registries to meet the demands of our clients.
  • We give our clients the tools to stay ahead of would-be infringers and competitors.

We are well-versed in International Domain Rights.

Since 2013, when ICANN released a plethora of new gTLDs, trademark owners have faced greater risk than ever before. The number of domain extensions skyrocketed from a mere 22 to thousands of new domains that cover special interests, industries, occupations, and even derogatory terms.

Additionally, with the release of International Domain Names (IDNs), domain extensions are now available in various languages such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and even those using the Cyrillic alphabet.

With this tsunami of new domains, the international cyber-marketplace has been flooded with bad actors seeking to profit from the trademarks of others by using them in domain names. Often our clients are forced to acquire domains as a defensive measure – whether they intend to use them or not – to prevent infringing use by others.

Olive & Olive works with different ICANN-accredited registrars, selected according to client needs and priorities, to give our clients smart solutions for navigating the Internet landscape. We have connections in most nations of the world. We can establish local trustees to obtain registrations that require a presence in the foreign nation.

We have sunrise expertise.

ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse was established in 2012 as a way to pre-register trademarks and prevent their infringement in domains released in the new gTLD program. ICANN designates a “sunrise” period for each new domain that gives trademark owners priority access to acquire desired or defensively practical domains.

Olive & Olive knows the best sunrise strategies. We have extensive experience and expertise with sunrise registration of domains. We have guided our clients through the Trademark Clearinghouse and helped them acquire many high-priority domains.

We can put our skills to work for you.

Auctions and Negotiations are our strong suits.

Sometimes trademark owners may find an online auction or purchase negotiation is a better way to acquire a particular domain name. We will advise you on the fees, costs and time frame. We will lay out available options. We will prepare a purchase/negotiation action plan.

We get results. We can help you get a good price and fair terms for the domains you need for your portfolio.

We will vigorously enforce your domain rights.

We represent a wide spectrum of clients. They have different levels of risk tolerance and a variety of industry-specific concerns.

But they all share one thing in common: they want to safeguard their domain. This might involve simply contacting a domain owner with a request or demand. Or it might require a more formal UDRP, URS, or Trademark PDDRP proceeding.  Visit our IP Learning Center to see more on these topics.

Whatever it takes, we’ll go to bat to protect your domain rights. We’ll analyze your specific case and devise a personalized solution that fits your needs and budget.

Don’t take chances with your Internet domain name. Call Olive & Olive when you need reliable advice on how to navigate cyberspace, comply with ever-demanding Internet laws, and protect and defend your online business. Add a seasoned intellectual property lawyer to your business team today.