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According to the dictionary, an “entrepreneur” is someone who launches a new business with a spirit of self-reliance, independence and courage in the face of challenges.

Olive & Olive calls people like that clients.

We feel a special kinship with entrepreneurs. After all, we were founded in 1957 by B.B. Olive, who personified the traits listed above. He opened the first IP practice in what would become known as the Research Triangle of North Carolina – an area that is a hotbed for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Our founder also started the first intellectual property section of the NC Bar Association, pioneered racial integration in the profession, and led efforts to protect local forests and natural spaces.

This bold beginning set a standard for our firm. We want to make a difference. We want to be first. We don’t want to just fix problems for our clients, we want to help them thrive.

Olive & Olive has been doing that for entrepreneurial enterprises of all types and sizes – from small startups to major international players – in the 60 years since we first opened doors in Durham.

IP expertise is essential for entrepreneurs.

The business model for many entrepreneurs relies on their intellectual property. Their ideas, research and product innovation are the basis of their business. It’s critical that they preserve and protect their IP rights.

The first step is to get solid advice from an intellectual property lawyer who has two other qualities: a strong business background and deep knowledge of science, technology and innovation. Olive & Olive has all that.

Entrepreneurs don’t fit a single mold. Each has unique talents and a unique vision. The ones who manage to turn their vision into reality are those who stick to what they’re good at and outsource the rest.

The entrepreneurial attorneys at Olive & Olive can take the burden off your shoulders with these and other services:

  • Protecting your ideas, innovations and intellectual property
  • Maximizing the value of your work
  • Obtaining trademarks, patents and copyrights when needed
  • Acquiring Internet domains
  • Managing your domain portfolio
  • Enforcing your IP rights in administrative proceedings and litigation
  • Defending you against accusations of infringement
  • Representing you in international IP disputes
  • Giving proactive IP counsel as your business grows
  • Helping you with data privacy and risk management
  • Providing DIY guidance to reduce your fees and costs
  • Staying by your side through thick or thin

Start-ups start with Olive & Olive.

Whether your new venture is in the realm of bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, video gaming, cellular communications, digital media, plant science, robotics or self-driving cars, the IP team at Olive & Olive will handle the legal side of your business.

Many of our start-up clients have a limited budget. We work with them to find speedy, cost-efficient solutions to whatever problems may arise. If they are in a legal dispute, we can pursue remedies in mediation, arbitration and other cheaper alternatives to conventional litigation. If they are strapped for cash, we can show them how to do some of their patent and trademark work themselves. If they are accused of infringement, we can suggest ways to quickly resolve the matter.

Learn what many smart entrepreneurs already know. The skilled and creative intellectual property lawyers at Olive & Olive can help take your business to the next level.