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In our many years as an intellectual property law firm, our work on behalf of our clients has involved a number of related areas.  Below are listed a few of the areas in which our attorneys can provide sound advice to clients with a broad range of needs, both at home and abroad:

  • Complex Business Transactions
  • Brand Management and Identity
  • Trade Dress
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Sweepstakes Law
  • Cyber Law
  • Licensing & Franchising
  • Biotech Law
  • E-commerce & Digital Commerce Protection
  • Electronic Information Privacy
  • Arts & Entertainment

Complex business transactions

Merger and acquisition transactions for today’s businesses often involve substantial intellectual property assets.  From the valuation of intellectual property assets to the establishment of rights ownership and the drafting of rights transfer documents, our attorneys provide critical legal services for complex business transactions.  Whether we are at the head of the transaction team or serve as advisors on critical issues, we bring valuable intellectual property knowledge and years of business transaction experience to the table. We’ve helped clients with acquisitions, licensing, and sales both in the U.S. and overseas, from Japan to Europe to South America. We’ve also provided opinions concerning intellectual property assets and transfers for SEC filings when necessary.

Brand management and identity

Success in today’s brand-conscious environment relies on solid brand management strategies and effective product identity systems.  Our firm’s experience in this area is based not only on a sound understanding of the law but also includes years of active involvement in the business aspects of marketing, brand building, and strategic communications.  We examine brand portfolios with a critical eye to both the legal and communications impacts, helping our clients to develop sound brand architecture strategies that enhance the potential for the long-term protection of their brands.

Trade dress

As a useful tool for establishing brand identity, trade dress can serve as a valuable method for extending brand protection beyond a company’s core trademarks.  Our experience in this area includes critical awareness of legally protectable trade dress elements, coupled with actual design expertise.  This enables us to provide advice that traverses both the legal and aesthetic realms in this fascinating area of law.  We can help clients to establish trade dress factors and then guide them to implement design strategies that offer the maximum legal advantage.


Today’s complex communication environment requires businesses to employ many forms of advertising to develop awareness of their product offerings.  We offer advice that combines sound legal knowledge with actual experience in the advertising and television industries, as well as an understanding of today’s advertising technologies.  We can review advertising material and help guide our clients through the intricacies of modern advertising communication.


We understand the importance of sound marketing analysis as a foundation for product development and communications strategies.  With years of experience in product development and marketing communications, in addition to knowledge of the laws involved in these activities, we advise clients as they make critical decisions that impact their marketing investments. 

Sweepstakes law

Our experience includes years of advising clients on the state and federal laws involved in conducting sweepstakes and contests.  From reviewing and drafting sweepstakes rules, to providing advice on complex prize award decisions, we have the knowledge to help clients navigate this complex area.

Cyber law

Today’s complex data management environment requires daily interaction with cyberspace.  with experience that includes an understanding of both the technology and the law, we help clients understand legal requirements for cybersecurity, information privacy and the many other legal impacts of their activities in cyberspace.

Licensing & Franchising

Extending the market impact of ideas and innovations often turns on the successful employment of licensing strategies and franchising regimes.  Many sorts of intellectual property assets can be maximized by effective licensing – inventions, brand elements, images and famous characters, to name just a few.  We provide advice and documentation for a variety of licensing activities and guide clients through the intricacies of legally acceptable franchise offerings. 

Biotech law

Biotechnology is at the core of today’s scientific advancements in pharmaceutical, environmental and agricultural development.  Our attorneys possess widespread familiarity with the biochemical sciences and technological awareness that are applied along with legal knowledge to provide invaluable advice to our clients in these areas.

E-commerce & Digital commerce protection

Conducting business online requires an understanding of a wide variety of regulations and restrictions.  As online transactions traverse the many jurisdictions through which commerce travels they encounter a variety of legal requirements.  We help clients to determine how to conduct their operations properly as they navigate this complex scheme of activity. 

Electronic information privacy

A variety of sensitive data travels continually through cyberspace as businesses and organizations conduct operations online.  Remaining abreast of privacy rules in a variety of domestic and international jurisdictions is an important part of operating appropriately in this environment.  We help clients to develop privacy policies that comply with a wide variety of legal requirements around the world.

Arts & Entertainment

Intellectual property law plays a critical role in maximizing the value of arts and entertainment assets.  We advise clients on the protection and exploitation of the work of visual artists, photographers, authors, musicians, performers, and multimedia properties for a wide variety of media and venues.  From media and music licensing, to content protection, and infringement advice and litigation, we appreciate the value of artistic endeavors and help our clients to maximize the roles they play in these fields.