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At Olive & Olive, diversity is embedded in who we are and in what we do.  We believe that diversity builds a stronger firm and allows us to better serve our clients and our community.

Our diversity is multi-faceted

We embrace the differences that make us unique individuals and rely on these differences to make us stronger as a firm.  Olive & Olive is committed to providing a positive and affirming environment for all people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, class, socio-economic background, personal style, and physical ability.  We value diverse opinions, perspectives, ideas, cultures, and experiences, as fundamental to a successful law firm, and as essential to being an engaged member of our community.

We’ve been at it for decades

As the oldest intellectual property firm in the region, Olive & Olive has shown that valuing diversity is more than a tagline.  As one of the few female-led and female-owned firms in the state, and with racially diverse partners, Olive & Olive demonstrates a commitment to diversity at all levels, from the attorneys to the support staff.  We value diversity in our employment decisions at Olive & Olive, because we know that a diverse firm is a strong firm, and without it, there is complacency, conformity, and complicity.  Our founder urged elimination of segregation in the legal profession and spoke prominently for inclusiveness. Our now-managing attorney was one of the first women in the full-time practice of intellectual property law nationally, and the first in North Carolina; she also was one of the earliest female litigators in the federal courts of North Carolina. The first African American IP attorney practiced with our firm, and one of our partners was the first African American (and first African American woman) to head a major section of the American Bar Association.  We have racial, gender, and religious diversity within the firm, and we value all of it and, most of all, the people themselves. 

Our lives reflect our values

We also value diversity in how we conduct ourselves as a firm of individuals.  Whether it’s through professional development activities, pro bono work, or charity, we each hold close the idea that access, inclusivity, opportunity, agency, education, and understanding, help lift us up both as individuals and as a community.  We speak out against injustice, and we champion fairness and equality.  We stay active in the legal community, supporting positive change for the clients we serve and the profession that we help grow. We support these principles by providing the time and resources necessary to realize our values.

Our community and our clients are diverse

We also recognize and value our place in the diverse history of Durham and understand that as a firm we can support our community’s growth and success, by actively mirroring the values we incorporate as a firm, engaged in our broader community.  We value a diverse client base that allows our firm to learn as we serve our client’s diverse needs.  We remain flexible to our client’s needs, perspectives, values, and experiences so that we can best serve them. 

At Olive & Olive, we are proud of our history of diversity and we are always striving toward a more vibrant and inclusive future.  We invite you to explore our firm and discover for yourself how we live our values.