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The scenario: our chief litigator was out of state when the call came: our client was being sued for infringement in California. Quickly we assembled the team. A remote conference was held. We drafted our own complaint and filed it the same day.

The result: our speedy work saved the day. Turned out the other side had acted prematurely. Because we met the challenge, the lawsuit proceeded on our turf and on our terms.

Though the facts of this situation were unique to that client, our responsiveness – and the result – was anything but.

We are relentlessly responsive to your needs.

At Olive & Olive, when a client has a problem, we are ready. Proactive when possible, fast-acting when needed, our team of experienced litigators evaluates the situation, recommends a smart strategy, and follows through.

We are not single-minded. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants. We believe that helps us better understand the other side. That way, we can craft a winning solution – whether we are on offense or defense.

We’ve been fighting for IP clients for more than half a century. Let us put that experience to work for you:

  • We go after anyone who infringes the marks, domains, and trade dress of businesses and universities.
  • We defend our clients when they are accused of infringement.
  • We prosecute and defend claims of patent infringement – sometimes involving a single patent and sometimes 20 or more.
  • We prosecute and defend claims of copyright infringement.
  • We litigate breaches of licensing and other contracts.
  • We prosecute and defend claims in other areas related to intellectual property, including trade secrets, franchising, and unfair competition, sometimes with accompanying RICO and antitrust claims.

We have unparalleled experience and skills.

We not only have decades of experience in intellectual property litigation, but we have also worked with a wide variety of technologies and businesses. This gives us keen insights and hands-on involvement in areas ranging from lighting to food products, from computer software to bacteria.

We handle copyright claims involving infringement of building designs, website content, tech coding, music and other arts, jewelry, advertising, and more.

We pursue and defend alleged theft of trade secrets. These cases can make or break your business. And they’re often extremely time-sensitive. Once a secret is disclosed, it may be lost forever – and if you’re accused of stealing a trade secret your career may be irrevocably harmed.

We communicate in plain English.

Our legal experience and insider knowledge let us hit the ground running on almost any type of case. And it pays off in another important way. It lets us explain the legal process – which can be baffling – to our clients in language they understand. And it helps us translate complex scientific and technological terms into plain English that will persuade a judge or jury.

This can be a challenge in IP law. For example, a patent claim has to be written as a single sentence, even if it goes on for pages. (Yes, really!) But lawsuits aren’t the place for gobbledygook. Whether it’s unusual architectural features or the steps of a chemical reaction, the lawyers at Olive & Olive are able to describe our clients’ important concepts in words that can and will be understood.

We don’t bury our advocacy in jargon. We fight for our clients in terms that come through loud and clear. Our clients deserve no less.

We don’t play around

We enjoy litigation. It’s sometimes referred to as “the sport of kings” for a reason: successful handling of a lawsuit requires many of the same strategic skills as warfare.

We love the intellectual challenge of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each side and crafting the path to a successful outcome. We are passionate about our clients’ causes. We stand with them from start to finish.

And we do this in ways that save our clients time and money. Unfortunately, the costs of litigation can be stratospheric. We understand that our clients’ resources are often better spent on research and development, marketing, and other aspects of their lives and businesses.

That’s part of strategic warfare: making the most effective use of available assets.

At Olive & Olive, we always consider alternatives to litigation. But when a lawsuit is the best option, we try to make the process as efficient and effective as possible. Here, our strong background in technology is a huge advantage. We are able to quickly get to the bottom of the case. We can organize the evidence, streamline the preparation, and ease the sometimes-overwhelming burden of litigation discovery.

Our common sense is another key asset. We know how to prioritize the many tasks required in a lawsuit. We lay out options for our clients. We help them decide which steps should be taken first.

Need a fighter on your side? Olive & Olive provides comprehensive litigation services in all areas of intellectual property – in the United States and abroad. Our team is lean and tough, with technical savvy and state of the art technology. Give Olive & Olive a call today.