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Our mission is to make sure your creative work is protected and that you get paid for it.

A copyright can protect almost any type of creative activity – from drawings to dance-steps – once that activity is expressed in some tangible form. It might be on paper, film, software, canvas – even an outdoor sculpture on a pedestal.

Olive & Olive represents authors, artists, architects, musicians, photographers, film-makers, dancers, software developers, and lots of other individuals and businesses who use their talents to produce an original, creative work.

Our job is to protect your creation.

Copyright enforcement can be a complicated process. It can involve a number of critical steps. It is not something you want to do alone.

Our team of experts will know how to determine if your work has been infringed upon. We will know what to do if it has been. Each situation requires a different strategy. Sometimes, we’ll need to send a “cease and desist” letter asking for an immediate halt to the unauthorized use. We might also demand payment for past or future use.

Other times, more drastic measures – litigation or dispute resolution – are required.

We will analyze your case, research the circumstances, and determine the best approach. As soon as you contact us, the enforcement process can begin.

Don’t place your hard work and creative output at risk. Contact Olive & Olive for expert protection.

Have you been accused of copyright infringement?

We can help you too. We have vast experience in defending against claims of copyright infringement.

Olive & Olive draws on our extensive background in IP litigation, as well as our history of having worked with a wide range of businesses and technologies. We understand business. And we understand business products. We have successfully litigated copyright claims involving everything from building designs to bacteria.

Nobody wants to be accused of copyright violation. Contact Olive & Olive for expert counsel and defense.

Olive & Olive can help you prioritize and protect your intellectual property assets. That way, you can stay in front of your competitors and grow your business.

Add an expert copyright enforcement attorney to your team. Call today to learn how our unique blend of sound legal advice and practical business judgment can help you identify your needs, achieve your goals and maximize your return on investment.